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I am pretty sure that by now everyone has seen that commercial with a camel walking around an office yelling “Hump Day!” celebrating the fact that it is the middle of the week and another day closer to the weekend.

While this is true, it is another day closer to the weekend, it does reinforce the fact that as a society we have accepted the programing that many of us sell a majority of our time just to have two days of rest and relaxation.

However, those two days may be spent having fun and making memories or they could…

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When was the last time you took a good long hard look at your priorities in life? How often do you just sit back and take stock of what is important to you and if you are acting in accordance with those things?

If you haven’t then I encourage you to do you so as soon as possible. You see the older I get the more I realize that I have been off the rails for quite some time and I am seeing it now for the first time in god knows how many years.

Have you become an all…

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If you are one of the many that suffer from any kind of mental health issues and Monday’s are your worst day of the week, declare every Monday as “Mental Health Monday”.

Some people get the Sunday Scaries, I will admit I get them to a degree, but nothing hits me harder than opening my eyes on Monday morning. This is when everything turns real when thoughts become a reality when the things you pushed off on Friday because you could not do anymore come back to haunt you. …

It is never too late to make changes in your life, let me repeat that, it is never too late to make changes in your life.

I say that mostly for my benefit since I am trying to make changes in my life right after making changes in my life.

My biggest change is to just be, to just be me and not work on anything other than what makes me me.

However many changes are too many changes? I do not have the answer to this at this exact point, I want to say make as many fucking changes…

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How many times have you sat down and created a bucket list for either yourself or your family? Whether it is long term or short term, you have created a list of all the things you want to do, the places you want to go, and the experiences you want to have, you most likely at least thought of this list.

The Bucket List in itself is supposed to represent all the things you want to do before you eventually kick the bucket, and let's face it that can happen at any time in the world that we live in…

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I have been in the “working on someone else's dream” game for quite some time now. I have chosen this path as I have believed that I am not someone who has the pair needed to break off on their own and start their own thing or that I do not have the ideas that would allow for this.

For those of us in the corporate rat race walk a fine line of being sucked into the world of helping complete someone else's dreams and living our lives with our own dreams.

Since we all have basic needs to meet…

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I am curious where those who write, either for fun, for work, or because they have to or their mind from exploding actually do their best writing?

Are you a coffee shop person?

Do you have a home office where you write?

Is your kitchen table your home base?

How about sprawling out across your bed or couch hammer away at the keyboard?

Is outside your writing oasis?

Writing for any reason is such a personal thing and how you go about is unique to every individual who takes pleasure in this activity.

I found that where you write can…

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I am not a very religious person or so I think, but I do find myself being a very spiritual person.

My Mornings as of late have been filled with dread, high anxiety, and deep depression. With the help of some medication, I am eventually able to shake these feelings and carry on with my day. However, the next day is the same and the same the day after that and once again the same after that.

Life has been a little tough lately. I have had a very non-consistent morning practice of meditating in the morning in an attempt…

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Somewhat stealing the title from my last blog post over at:, but thought it would be fun to hash some things out over here since I like it over on Medium.

Yes, I am going to sit down and write a book. That is as far as I have made it in the decision process. …

Yesterday was a sad day, I had to take part in relieving my dog's pain by helping her pass over the rainbow bridge. She was 16 years and lived a long, happy, and full life.

I must say I am stunned by the reaction I am having, every piece of my body hurts. Anxiety and depression are fighting really hard to take over. It is showing me that no matter how much progress I have made with my self I am still very fragile.

This is dog had been by my side for so long, gone through so much with…

Kory Wagner

Writer, Wishful Thinker and Day Slayer

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