Discovery and the Practice Hereafter (A Morning Pep Talk)

Kory Wagner
3 min readJun 7, 2023


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It may take some time but eventually things start to fall into place like a game of Tetris. I am referring of course to life and all the things that go into it, the never ending labrinth that leads you done so many magical and hellish ways you are left either invigorated or just drained from the mudayne.

However there comes a point where you start to see the forest for the trees and things start to seem familiar, your brain just clicks and you just hope it is not to late to finish what you started. You can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel but is it to far away and does it matter as you have learned so much from your time here that you are only getting better and better at what you are doing by the minute.

The fear though is strong and as someone with a preconditioned mental health problem you can almost imagine how quickly the world seems to comes crumbling down. Thoughts of despair and low self worth come filtering in trying to take over your day.

You know what to do, put on the happy face, pull up your big boy shorts and go make some magic happen. What I might suggest during this somewhat bleak time is try to have as much fun as possible, make your own magic and be the you that you want to be.

You will learn what is needed to be learned whether it is here or somewhere else but what you need to remember is that you are the only crazy ass out our there that is you and it pays dividends to be yourself.

It is time to break free from what is holding us all back, which is mainly ourselves, and start to be the true unapologetic version of ourselves and make the box that they want you to fit in fit around you.

Go into every single day with a smile and a good attitude and all the learning will come to you, as long as you have an open mind. Throw the fear out of the window and embrace the change, the changes, and [the utterly ridiculous decisions that are made around you and speak your mind, what is the worse that can happen. Nothing is worse than death and that is definitely not happening in this somewhat intellectual space.

Treat everyday as a blank slate and it is up to you to decided to paint the fun white fluffy clouds or the dark storm clouds. Lets choose wisely today and see what kind of joy we can bring to others faces and the amount of work that we can bring forward to show off.

I mean we have already started with a written pep talk to myself to get my mind straight since it has veered so far off the right track that you need to force yourself onto the track that brings you joy, happiness, fun and no dread of anything that you have done or may have to do.

Life starts when you tell it and you better tell it soon or there be no more life to have.



Kory Wagner

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