Infinite Soup of Everything

Kory Wagner
4 min readSep 13, 2021


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Think of everything as a bowl of soup, a croc of soup, or a large pot — whatever size container you use does not matter as the container itself does not matter. Soup will conform to whatever size container you put it in, what we really want to focus on here is what's inside that container and what it's made of, along with how we connect to it. Are you a piece of carrot, a pea, celery, or a hunk of meat that is floating around the liquid that is keeping us together?

We are all part of the soup, just sloshing around in the container of your choice, bumping into things, others, and the side of the container. Think of the container as the construct that is keeping you in place and forcefully making you interact with all the other ingredients.

So how do we break this infinite soup down you may ask. I say we take it by the ingredients we know and then start to speculate on those ingredients that we do not know or have not even discovered yet. Due to the fact that it’s infinite, there are infinite possibilities as to what is in it and even how it is mixed according to your perception.

So what does the soup really consist of you might ask, well to my limited knowledge there usually contains the stuff that brings everything together. The broth/stock or whatever one calls it is the glue that keeps us all afloat, that keeps us and everything else moving through time. This liquid life as I will now choose to call it is what gives everything that is put into its new form. It is what makes the raw ingredients and softens them to either the right state or overcooks them to a point that makes them what they need to be or is unable to penetrate them at all leaving them hard and indigestible.

The liquid life is made of so many things, bits and pieces of everything that when cooked down and set to the right temperature to simmer continues to break down what it has started with and all that is added to it to continually evolve it over time. The soup itself will never be done as we continue to change the original makeup of the soup by pouring our individual soups back into it when it is our time to go beyond the container.

So the broth or liquid life contains all the building blocks of everything that is needed to continue to create everything, and it has been simmering for as long as we can tell. Simmering away as bits and pieces of the stuff that comes together to create all sorts of things like galaxies, sheep, black holes, water, tadpoles, and eventually people. I know we call cities melting pots but life is just one big melting pot with everything that surrounds us and embodies the space that we live in.

Just think that all the trees you look at were born from pieces of sage and basil, the rocks and plants that hurtle through space are made of bone from what was used in the stock of life. Everything that we see and cannot see is derived from the basics of the broth. All good soups start with a good broth/stock/whatever, and I am not saying that our liquid life was great from the start but it was made great over time. There were good times and bad times, but all in all, at this chaotic moment in time, the base is good, we just have some strange spices being thrown in at the moment which is what I think is leftover from other lives that are no longer working on their soup.

We are all connected by this base and if it gets changed so do our individual portions leaving us to make corrections on the fly to get us back to a state where we actually like what we have and hopefully enjoy it. This becomes the challenges that we face in life — they are actually not hard challenges it is just mustering the ability to mix up our soup and add in the ingredients to get our personal soup back to a place where we are enjoying it, which should be the main goal of any soup — Enjoyment!

To get science involved, not sure why we would do that as the soup is so much more fun and makes more sense, the big bang was the spark that started the fire under the kettle that got the universe started — and it is ever-expanding as more and more changes are happening to it — the soup gets more and more ingredients added and when we add our personal portions back into the mix, it helps to push the expansion along.

There are so many ways to look at things and break things down that in the end, we are all talking about the same things, just with either fancier or simpler words. What I feel needs to happen is that we need to make things relatable as to not exclude anyone as we are all entitled to find our way through existence in any way we choose.

So the theory here is that all existence is just one big soup that comprises everything that we currently know and do not know, it is the beginning and the ending of everything and we are all pieces of the soup that are simmering and evolving into whatever manifests from the strange cosmic brew. It changes constantly due to new ingredients being formed from everything being heated, broken down, and combining to make new ingredients along with the man-made concoctions that we are adding in every day.



Kory Wagner

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