Mornings (A Rambling)

Kory Wagner
2 min readMay 23, 2023
Photo by Dapo Oni on Unsplash

The ice-cold grip of the morning as my wrist shakes me awake, the feeling of depression grabbing hold as the thought of the day comes rushing into my blank world. A quick glance and notice a pike of books next to me and the wish of having stayed up all night to read them but now is not the time for those thoughts.

The morning birds sing their cheerful song as I leap out of bed and proceed to start the morning caffeine ritual for two, wondering if I am appreciated for this task at the same time wondering if any of it all matters. I proceed to the other morning prep rituals as I complete the coffee train and hunker myself back into bed.

Time moves at the pace of the light during the morning hours and soon I am part of the whirlwind that is the morning and all of its glory! All of a sudden I am here, sitting at my desk getting my day started with work and work and some other work. All of which I am questioning its authenticity, questioning my authenticity.

Have I missed the mark? Did I go down the right path but missed a brief detour where I was supposed to learn something? Was I blinded by all that is around me and forgot to look at what was inside of me? These are the things that go through my head as I start to wind up for the day. These are the things I think about when times turn tough.

So my mood as of late has taken a nose dive but that can all be corrected by a proverbial kick in the ass. There is nothing and yet everything I can do to change things, it is just going to work. Work just seems to be the answer to everything and still with the answer I am having a hard time digesting what I need to do.

I guess what the Hard Working Motherfuckers say is true, “there are no problems, just more work to do”



Kory Wagner

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