Organization, Your Second Brain, And What To Look Out For

Kory Wagner
4 min readAug 3, 2022


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Like many of you, I have been searching for the most efficient way to organize my work, my job, and my life in one simple-to-use program. I also assume like many of you you have ended up down a rabbit hole so deep that you have either spent more time on trying to be productive or have not even started due to the confusion of the whole topic.

An organization or productivity system has to be something that works for you and for you alone. It is a very personal thing and it is essential to keep that in mind when you are looking to dive into pulling one of your own together.

I have tried so many different methods of trying to get organized and build out a productivity method that I have wasted hours of my life that I will never get back on something that ever got off the ground.

Endless youtube videos, tutorials and books on how the get shit done in the best, most efficient way possible. All of them telling me the same thing in a different way, do what works for you.

I personally come back to two different things, a notebook and Evernote. I have been off of Evernote for quite sometime now and have just singed up for the monthly plan in order to see what I can build this month. They have updated a-lot of things since I have last used them and it really looks likes it might be something I may like.

I find the hardest part of the entire finding your organizational and productivity way is the digital aspect. I am quite the fan of all things analog and still find that I am drawn to notebooks at a scale that makes my cringe evert time I see some new stationary.

However, over the past couple of months I have been taking a step back and letting life have its way with me and I must say I am not a fan of the state of my mind that it ha put me in.

With today being the fist day of a new month I thought it would be a great time to start something fresh for my life and try to pull myself out of what is starting to seem like a meaningless existence.

I have many projects that I would like to be working on but with the lack of structure in my day I am finding it hard to get anything done on a personal level which is leaving me with an unbalanced life.

So here we are, starting off the month nice and fresh having another go with Evernote as my second brain, only paying by the month to make sure it is something that I can use, and then doing a reorganization of my analog world as well trying to get my productivity and well being where is once was.

I am a fan of order, a fan of habit but I do get bored easily, this is why it is important to me that the systems that I live by are both easy and customizable. I need it to get the job done while allowing me to have some fun with the process at the same time.

You know how they say it is not about the destination it is about the journey, well that goes the same for you second brain hacks. If it just about getting it done then where is the journey in that, I like to have fun when I organize so I am hoping this time around I have found the correct combination, for now at least.

So when it comes time to pick out your productivity, second brain or whatever it is you want to call it try to remember these simple things:

  1. It is for you and only you! All of us work, learn and do in different styles, there is no wrong way to be productive and organized as long as it is working for you.
  2. Keep it Simple. A personal preference here but if your system gets to complex then you will end up spending more time on your system than on actually getting things done.
  3. Use it everyday!!! Have it become a part of you, it should be your second brain, how you conduct your business everyday.
  4. Make sure it is usable everywhere you need it. If it does not connect to all your devices — no go for me. Can it support multiples OS’s — perfect. you need something that can be where you need it be not something that you need to be at to use.

As I work through this month on Evernote I will report back, one never knows if it is the one or is it part of the many.



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