The Daily Battle of Depression and Anxiety

Kory Wagner
4 min readSep 20, 2021
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When the start of every day is a battle in the war of life, the morning becomes a debate about what tactics you should use to combat your own brain.

This is how many of us wake up, every day is a new battle, and every night we go to sleep wondering what we will need to do to make it through the next day.

It is an endless cycle that can wear on even the toughest of souls, but we carry on in the war because that is how we live, it has how we have always lived.

Through the medication, the efforts to try to live a healthy lifestyle, and the other ways we try to self-heal, the outcome is usually always the same. There is no easy quick fix for these feelings, every day is a struggle that has its ups and downs but there is always that underlying tug of the ego that always keeps one foot stuck in the shit.

For no matter what you do you can see your faults in everything, constant reminders that you are still you and that is never good enough, or that you have yet to reach some kind of full potential that you have falsely planted in your own mind that for some odd reason must be reached.

This is not a sad story, this is a story of perseverance and strength, one that shows that the everyday common individuals that help make the world go round can still win the battles and feel as though they may actually win the war.

It is OK that every day is a battle, treat it as such, come up with your plan every night on how you'll overtake the enemy that lives inside of you, that plants false realities in your brain where you are on the losing side.

Test, test, and test again all the things that you do in your daily life that may be a trigger for you to slip down a rabbit hole where the ego can grab your foot and keep that one part of you in the shit.

Try and try again as there has to be a way to make reality the blissful dream that you know it can be with the normal highs and lows that make life so bitter-sweet!

Cut out the things that you know will bring you down and increase the things that you know will lift you up. I know it sounds way too simple but in the end, most things are just that, simple.

It is us who complicate things, who put the pressure on ourselves to achieve more and more and fill our lives with expectations that can never be met, not even by the best of us.

We all do it and we are not alone in this world, there are so many people like you and me that feel this way on the regular that we should know that we are not alone in the struggle.

For some reason, the ego is a tough little shit that we all must deal with, for some, it is nothing more than a whisper while for others it is a scream that can drown out the day. In the end, we can control the volume and win each battle and eventually the war.

Find your routine that will help you get through each day, for myself each day is different, so I am always looking, searching, testing, and trying different ways to get through and block out the negative.

From more sleep to an early morning run another day, to just diving in and punching the day in the face on other days. I have yet to find the perfect combination of things easier right out the gate.

Just like in yoga, you have to practice, you never really master it, you just continue to practice, get better and then learn harder things to tackle. In that game, it is all mindset and how you position your mind every day. Either you are learning and practicing or you are letting it control you and are giving up before you have mastered the move.

My advice is to practice life every day, don’t expect perfection, lower your expectation and just think about the things you want to accomplish that day alone. That is your starting point — one day at a time, one more battle won toward winning the war.



Kory Wagner

Day Slayer, Anxiety Fighter, and Depression Destroyer